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Names and Labels

Recently I’ve come to appreciate how important names and labels can be. It’s much easier to ignore a phenomenon if it has no name. I suspect that’s one reason why the Small Giants phenomenon — that is, companies choosing to be great instead of big — has been ignored up to now: It hasn’t had […]

How big is small?

You can’t talk, or think, about Small Giants without considering the question of scale. How big is small? That is, how big can a company be and still be thought of as small? That question has come up in some of the responses I’ve gotten to Small Giants. Here’s one from Taylor Bodman, a partner […]

Bill Taylor's Question

As I’ve gone around promoting Small Giants, I’ve gotten a lot of great questions. One of the most interesting came from Bill Taylor, the cofounder our sister publication, Fast Company, at my very first book signing event. My friend and former Inc. colleague Tom Ehrenfeld was there, picked up on the exchange, and subsequently persuaded […]